Rocks Fitness & Meals is a complete program to becoming healthy.  The key to being healthy all starts with the way you eat. You can work out 20 ~ 30 hrs a week and if your not eating correctly your just about waisting your time. YOU CANT OUT WORK IMPROPER EATING, NOT HAPPENING.

We will be offering different plans for men & women trying to reach their goals in achieving a lean healthy body. Whether you want to see your abs again or just want to be leaner and healthy Rocks Meals can help you with our delicious nutrient packed meals. 


Sarah Devries

Body Shred- A high rep low weight workout using a barbell system to help tone, increase muscle mass and shred fat.  All levels are welcome!

Hardcore Abs - A class of indirect and direct abs while incorporating interval training.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - Short bouts of high intensity exercise with rest.  This style of exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to achieve results.

Laura  Amalfi

Hard Assets - A class that really focuses on the lower body.  If you know Laura then you know she is the perfect person to be teaching this class. This class will be High Intensity lower body workout incorporating interval training.