​Rubinos and Rocks Fitness & Meals have partnered up to help people eat correctly and meet their goals.                                                                                  

If you know me, you know nutrition and working out has been my lifestyle for over 25 years. I personally have tried every form of eating plans from NO-Carb to the high fat Ketogenic diet.  I practice what I preach every day. I have been developing meal plans for Doctors to student athletes for over 15 years. I know how to keep people eating correctly.

You will not find any fancy photo shoots of perfect looking foods on my website. That looks nice but it doesn't help you stick to eating clean, healthy, and correct foods.   It's Fluff. What helps people stick to a correct clean way of eating is foods that are easy to prep and food that tastes good. Bottom line if your food doesn't taste good NOBODY will stick with it.

So as you know, my other hobby is that I have owned Rubinos Webster since 1995. That's over 20 years of making damn good food. Yeah, I know we are "KING OF THE SUB".  How can a sub be a healthy, correct, clean way of eating?  I would definitely not advise eating a Large Sub every day for lunch if your goal is to live a clean healthy lifestyle. But like I said eating clean over most of your life is learning HOW to balance the clean meals with some fun DELICIOUS CHEAT MEALS. 

We all love to eat but to enjoy these cheat meals WE MUST EARN THEM. 

How do we earn our cheat meals?

We eat clean correct meals 95% of the time.

We work out CORRECTLY.

We get good sleep and rest.

We keep stress levels under control.

When you do it right 95% of the time then rewarding yourself with your favorite meal will do no harm. 

Actually, it will help you hop right back on the correct path by reving up your metabolism.

So I have combined my 25 years of EATING CLEAN with over 20 years of making delicious food  to form Rocks Fitness & Meals.

WTH does Rocks mean? Just a nick-name I got from my good friend Johnny Ditullio.

Rocks Fitness & Meals will be offering pre-made DELICIOUS HEALTHY meals plans to lead you to your goals.

I only recommend 3 meals a day with either a snack or a PERI (Pre) workout drink for your entire day. Folks, eating every 3 hours for the entire day is just flat out INCORRECT. I'll quickly try and explain this without getting too technical. When we eat our bodies' glucose levels rise. So the brain signals our pancreas to get moving and it sends some insulin out to lower our blood sugar levels. So if you are constantly grazing, eating, snacking your blood sugar levels are constantly going up and down all day long. What happens is you start experiencing constant raised blood sugar levels!  Folks you're effectively slow-cooking yourself from the inside out, leading to kidney disease, joint deterioration, stiffening of connective tissues, cataracts, and atherosclerosis. So STOP with snacking and the 6-7 meals a day. ITS NOT HEALTHY in the long run. If your a 110lb teenager In desperate need to gain muscle I might consider for a short phase but not for long term health . OK I hope I haven't lost too many people with that.

All meals will be made from the freshest ingredients designed by Mark Vinci in the kitchen of Rubinos, pre-packaged in BPA free containers. Real food for real people. We keep our meals simple and affordable and they are NEVER frozen. 

To be able to do this at an affordable price it must be done on a weekly basis. I want to ensure you that I will provide you with the best tasting and freshest food possible.   I do not believe in using any preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of my meals. You can decide how many meals and what types of meals you want. Meals will be based on a 5 day week. There will be a 10 meal minimum because any less than that and my pricing will need to rise. 

Meals can be picked up or delivered(within a 3 mile radius) on Sunday and Wednesdays .  

All meal plans are set up on a weekly reoccurring subscription and can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fees. All meals must be paid for before they are produced. Delivery fees will be $5 per delivery. Why twice a week? I don't want to freeze meals because that highly reduces the quality of the meal. Also, some of our best meals are delicious salads and they need to be served fresh within 2 days.

I will be here for you constantly to help with any questions along the way of how to eat correctly.

I have taken all the guess work out.  All you have to do is eat the meals we provide and start some type of exercise to change your health.

Rocks Fitness & Meals is not just properly fixed meals. 

Upstairs at the new Rubinos we have put together a workout studio where Sarah DeVries(Boot Camp Instructor for over 5 years) will be teaching classes. If your serious about being healthy then you must learn to eat correctly AND do some type of exercise. We will have different types of metabolic conditioning classes to help you become healthy. 

Classes will be offered in blocks of 5-10-15-20 or unlimited.